We are the masters of our emotions.

Our emotional response in any given situation is a function of (1) the stimuli itself, (2) our beliefs, and (3) our mood. We can change our beliefs and mood, therefore we are the masters of our emotional response, not the outside world.

For example, I have a belief that “Friends care about me”. So if a dear friend isn’t nice to me when I see him/her, my emotional response will be concern because something must be going on with them that maybe I help with.

Let’s say I also have a belief that “People that aren’t nice are bad people”

So if an acquittance I isn’t nice to me when I see them my default emotional response will be “hurt” and possibly even “angry” because of that belief.

In both situations, it’s in my best interest to see if I can understand what’s bothering them, but in the latter I’m less likely to act in my best interest. Now if I can change that latter belief to “People are never the villain in their own narrative”, then I’ll probably be less defensive when someone isn’t nice..

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