Acting like your best self moves you toward your best self

At Susco, we discuss growth frequently, as its core value #1. We define growth as changing for the better or as becoming the best version of ourselves. While it’s easy to say growth is important, change can be very difficult.

I have found that one thing that provides me comfort during the process of change is to remember that each time we act like the best version of ourselves we’re making the next time easier.

Some examples that come to mind of situations that give us the opportunity to behave as our best selves.

  • Tackling that very important yet hard task you’d rather do later — proactive

With each of these examples, the actions get way easier each time you do them, until they become the new default settings.

I’ve known many people never reach their full potential because they constantly give in to their emotions and resist change that’s in their best interest.

Conversely, I have known many people in business and life that have defied the odds in the quality of their marriages, friendships, and economic outcomes because they are willing to act as their best self would, regardless of how they feel. Remember that it gets easier with time.

Believer in Conscious Leadership | CEO at Susco | We enable people to lead more fulfilling lives by creating intuitive software for innovative organizations.

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