Achieving our full potential isn’t about “changing” who we are, it’s about “uncovering” our Authentic Selves.

Neel Suresh Sus
2 min readOct 21, 2021

Summary: Achieving our full potential isn’t about “changing” who we are, it’s about “uncovering” our Authentic Selves by burning off the parts of us we don’t need.

Left: 275lbs, 49% Body Fat, Right: 160lb, 8% Body Fat (+ excess skin)

When people see stories of transformation, be it in personal health, relational health, or business success, the first question they ask is “what did you DO to make this happen?”.

I usually answer this by telling people all the activities I ADDED to make this a reality, be it the gratitude ritual, meditation, cardio, lifting, life planning, business planning, adding services, learning love languages, etc.

As I’ve explored philosophy, psychology, business, and physiology I’ve realized this: Adding activity is helpful, but self-actualization is mainly a reductive process.

The weight came off because I stopped/reduced comfort eating, carbs, dairy, nuts, etc.

In business we stopped offering so many technologies, hiring quickly, and making impulsive decisions. This allowed us to become awesome at enterprise software development instead of “ok” as a generalist.

All my relationships leveled up because I stopped/reduced: being selfish, talking before listening, reacting impulsively, overcommitting myself, and investing time in people who didn’t share my values.

I leveled up mental & spiritual health by reducing negative self-talk, training myself to think less (via Transcendental Meditation), ignoring the voice of my ego (so I can hear my spirit), not making assumptions, not taking things personally, eliminating my limiting beliefs, and not consuming excess junk media.

There are #nolimits to what you can achieve if you keep a #growthmindset and are willing to go on your #herosjourney.

P.S. choosing to have some fun with these photos I had taken. Thank you Andrew Alwert



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