This is a pretty typical day. I recently (1/3/21) switched to bison. I’m at 185, still have some fat to get rid of. Once I’m at 165 or so (4-pack), I’ll try to maintain that weight by dropping the 2nd and 3rd workout and going up to 1500 cal/weekday.

0400: wake up, get dressed

0405: Take watch photo for #0445club

0406: Drink C4 Preworkout (300 mg caffeine) + Yohimbine

0407: Do my morning gratitude ritual: I think of 3 things I’m grateful for and 1 person I’m grateful for. I’ll try to email or FB message them 3 things I…

Neel Suresh Sus

Believer in Conscious Leadership | CEO at Susco | We enable people to lead more fulfilling lives by creating intuitive software for innovative organizations.

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