10 Signs You May Need Realignment

Everyone deserves to be happy. To be happy, you need to align your actions and thoughts with your purpose and passions.

If you find you do any of the below on most days, it may be time to look within to make sure that you are in alignment with the best version of yourself, which you deserve to be.

1. You hit the snooze button

2. You spend all morning excited for lunch

3. You spend all afternoon excited to go home

4. The highlight of your day was a meal (the food itself, not the interactions during it)

5. You fear the mirror

6. You don’t feel like you get results you want

7. Most the statements you say tear yourself or others down

8. You make excuses for why you’re stuck where you are

9. You beat yourself up after most Interactions

10. Your self-talk rules your actions and reactions

Believer in Conscious Leadership | CEO at Susco | We enable people to lead more fulfilling lives by creating intuitive software for innovative organizations.

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